We're All Busy, But...

Everyone's racing around, doing this, doing that, living life basically. And in many instances, living life means communicating with a huge number of different people.

I've no idea what the current thinking...protocol, if you like...is on replying to emails but we come from what might be viewed as the 'old-fashioned' school of thought: a response of some kind would not only save a lot work, but is, honestly, just plain polite.

You may have noticed we're auditioning for two productions at the moment, that are advertised on various theatrical web-sites and on Facebook pages for actors. We're also working on another production which is fairly close to going live. So we're busy...just like everybody. However...when someone writes to us, we reply, even if it is only to say 'no thanks' or 'we've already got one' or 'yeah, great, see you Thursday'.

We have spent an inordinate amount of time replying to actors who want to audition for roles. Brilliant! We've pages of names and email addresses and files on our email server and what we say to everyone who applies to attend is that they let us know that they are going to come to the audition. Confirmation. They've expressed an interest - huzzah - we've sent them relevant information and/or a link to where they can find the information they need (although, with a little research, or actually reading the casting call, they would already have that information...but that's another story...) along with a request that they let us know if they are going to attend.

With these two productions, we have 80% tumbleweed city. Thanks a million to those who have actually bothered to READ the email and respond accordingly...and to the others? Seriously? What does it take to read our email, click the the little 'reply' button and say 'Thanks for replying but I can't make it'? Not a lot, really; s'all it takes...and saves us sitting around, waiting for someone who may or may not turn up.

Common courtesy. And let's face it, if you haven't replied and you do turn up to audition...you're already on the back foot. Reliability, professionalism...you know, all those things at which, we like to think, this profession excels.

Read your emails and read ALL of what's written, not just the bits you need.

Thank you - soap box is now away. Don't make me get it out again...please.